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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Business name and address:  High Mill Pool 

Person carrying out risk assessment:  Jane Moyse 

Signed and dated (when completed): J Moyse 01/05/2021

Covid-19 Sickness 

Staff have been advised not to attend site if they have any COVID 19 symptoms. They have also been advised to return home immediately if they develop symptoms whilst on the premises. They will notify the pool manager or owners should they become unwell with COVID 19 symptoms and not attend the pool again until they have been symptom free for 14 days.


Customers have been advised that they cannot attend the pool if they or anyone in their household have had COVID-19 symptoms anytime in the last 14 days.  If they develop symptoms on the premises they and anyone accompanying them are to immediately leave the pool and notify the Pool Manager.  Subsequent sessions for these clients will then be cancelled for a period of 21 days.

If anyone develops symptoms at the pool then the pool will be closed and cleaned.

Staff are not allowed to attend the pool while they or anyone else in their household has COVID 19 symptoms. They will not be allowed to return to the pool until they and anyone in their household has had 14 days symptom free.

Social Distancing 

Hire of the pool is limited to a maximum of two households simultaneously.  To prevent contact between clients, clients have  been asked to remain in their cars in the car park until the previous clients have returned to their cars. When staff are welcoming new clients to the pool, they will ensure that they keep 2 metres from clients and wear masks when indoors. 

Reinforcing cleaning process

We ask all clients and staff to sanitise their hands before entering the pool building. Sanitisers are available at the entrance door to the pool and there are further sanitisers available in the pool building for clients to sanitise any other surface they wish to.   The pool building is deep cleaned daily and additional cleaning measures have been implemented. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group have advised that the chlorine environment will neutralise any COVID 19.

Monitoring and Enforcement

We will review the procedures weekly to check that clients and staff are adhering to them and make appropriate changes as required.

Any changes will be notified by email to clients and staff alike where applicable. 

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