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Pool Rules

The swimming pool ranges in depth, one end measured at 1.05 metres and gradually increases in depth up to 2.1 metres. The temperature of the pool water is kept at around 31.5C.

We  prioritise the welfare of all Users of the Facilities, and the Pool Rules are in place to preserve and promote the health and safety of everyone concerned.

The Hirer, and Users under his/ her control and responsibility must adhere to the rules below at all times. 


  • The Facilities do not have a lifeguard on duty for Sessions. The Hirer must personally be present for the full duration of a Sessions, and is responsible for all Users.

  • No unsupervised swimming alone by any individual is allowed at any time during a Session, including any part thereof, whereby a User is in the water. Not less than a minimum of two Users, both above the age of 8 years; and one of whom must also be aged 18 years or older and be a capable and competent swimmer (“Supervisor”).

  • No User under the age of 8 years is allowed in the swimming pool and surrounding enclosure without a Supervisor. The Supervisor must accompany children under such age at all times whether within the water of the swimming pool, surrounding and changing area, or otherwise. Those under the age of 8 must not be left unattended by a Supervisor for any period of time or under any circumstances.

  • The maximum number permitted for use is no more than 10 persons.

  • Before entering the swimming pool, Users must ensure they have a working mobile phone and have reviewed the Emergency Action Plan.

  • No Diving into the pool

  • No jumping into the pool.

  • No horseplay (pushing people into the pool, dive bombing etc.).

  • No running around the edge of the pool or in the Pool House.

  • No hard balls are allowed in the Pool House – inflatable balls are acceptable.

  • No furniture should be removed from the Pool House.

  • No one is to use the pool who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • No glass, bottles or any breakable items are allowed in the Pool House.

  • No smoking is allowed in the Pool House, Pool or anywhere in the property generally.

  • All jewellery should be removed prior to entering the water.

  • All entrance doors must be kept closed whilst inside the Pool House.

Before a session:

  • Users are asked to exercise caution when using the pool if they have eaten within one hour before swimming.

  • The Hirer should have a mobile telephone readily accessible for use in the event of an emergency.

  • No single person swimming is allowed at any time. A minimum of two Users comprising of at least one Supervisor is always required.

  • High Mill Pool does not provide supervision.

  • Ensure that those who use the pool can either swim adequately or are using the necessary swimming aids.

  • Pool should be  are to be notified prior to any use.All users should be in good health, and it is their responsibility to establish that the pool, the pool chemicals and the pool environment will not affect any medical condition they suffer from by doctor’s consultation if necessary. Should a doctor’s consultation have been necessary, High Mill

  • A full breakdown of all chemicals used, chemical levels and air/water temperatures can be obtained upon request.

  • All users must shower prior to entering the Pool.


  • No persons under the age of 8 years must be left alone, unaccompanied or unattended at any time.

  • The Supervising Ratio must be strictly followed by a Supervisor (aged 18 years and above with swimming capability):

  • 4 years and under – ration of 1:1 supervision by a Supervisor

  • Between 4 and 8 years – ration of 1:2 supervision by a Supervisor;

  • Other: Disabled persons, or suffering with mobility conditions and non-competent swimmers of any age should have 1:1 supervision by a Supervisor.

  • Infants should wear the correct combination of swimming nappies at all times in the Pool and Pool House. This is to be a correctly fitted disposable swim nappy with the correctly fitted reusable swim nappy over top. No infant, who requires the use of a nappy is to be allowed in the pool if they are not wearing both nappies. 

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